Conveyor Roller Stainless Steel Rollers to Suit 600mm Width (CRR015)

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Make the right investment in your processing systems with these tough, affordable 304 stainless steel rollers that are designed specifically for the food and packaging industry. Smooth performance, easy cleaning and minimal upkeep mean they’re the perfect choice for your conveyor needs.

These steel rollers include a spring-loaded shaft for simple installation and are suitable for loads up to 100kg. The reliable rotation will help to speed up your production line and significantly reduce manual handling – saving you time and money!

Why choose these Steel Conveyor Rollers for your business?

  • 304 stainless steel delivers superior stability and strength for years to come
  • Durable, rust and scratch proof powder coated finish 
  • Spring-loaded shafts ensure quick and simple installation
  • Smooth rotation helps to reduce vibration and friction
  • Easy cleaning and wash downs improve overall hygiene levels
  • Designed for conveyor applications, pulley systems and feed applications
  • Backed by over 40 years’ of conveyor manufacturing experience


Product Name : Stainless Steel Conveyor Rollers

Face Width (mm): 527

Over Bearing Width (mm): 537

Diameter (mm): 50

Material Type: Steel

Axle Bar: 10mm round x 8mm flat on end – 12mm long

Load Capacity (per roller kg): 100

To suit Overall Conveyor Width (mm): 600

It’s recommended that there be a minimum of three rollers under the goods being transported at any one time. The size of the object being transported can help determine the roller pitch on your conveyor system by applying the three-roller rule.

How do Conveyor Rollers work?

Conveyor Rollers are an integral part of most conveyor systems, and they work by providing a surface for products or materials to move across as they are transported from one point to another, while reducing the manual handling by employees.

The basic design of a Conveyor Roller consists of a cylindrical tube or shaft that rotates on a set of bearings. The tube or shaft is typically made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, or plastic, and it may have various surface treatments or coatings to provide additional grip or protection, while also helping to improve hygiene by reducing the spread of bacteria.

When the conveyor system is in operation, the rollers rotate, and the products or materials are propelled forward by the friction between the roller surface and the underside of the transported items. This movement is facilitated by a drive system that may include motors, gears, chains, or belts.

Conveyor Rollers can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations depending on the specific application and the type of material being transported. They may be powered or unpowered, and they can be used in gravity-fed systems or as part of more complex conveyor designs that include curves, inclines, and declines.

Overall, Conveyor Rollers are a simple, affordable and essential component of many conveyor systems, and their smooth and reliable operation is crucial to the efficient and effective movement of materials throughout a facility or production line.

Why choose Richmond Wheel & Castor Co for Conveyor Systems?

We’ve been helping businesses in the food and packaging, manufacturing and transport industries for over 40 years’, offering a huge selection of high-quality handling and transport equipment for all types of commercial and industrial environments.

If you’re currently considering updating your conveyors, then Richmond’s latest Conveyor Systems will deliver an outstanding ROI. Our collection includes a wide-range of widths, lengths and pitches, giving you the flexibility to choose the right solution for your current food handling system.

The smooth rolling performance of our conveyor systems ensures less damage and loss to your goods and improved handling and sorting with your employees. These hassle-free solutions mean you can free up resources in other areas of your business.

We also have the capability to design and manufacture custom conveyor systems with our expert in-house team. Simply let us know what your business needs and we can get started on your bespoke solution!

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