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24V Low Voltage Sliding Gate Motor suitable for gates up to 800kg (GTR207)


Gate automation made simple!

Turn your existing gate into an automatic sliding gate with this low voltage gate kit! This kit has virtually everything you will need to turn your existing gate into an automated gate system.

Save on costs! No electrician required for installation. The 30m cable included in this kit can be run from the gate opener to your power supply. Meaning there’s no need for mains power at the gate.

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Kit Contents

For Installation You will also need...

To complete installation, you will need a pack of GTR092. A bolt on gear rack is required to convert a manual sliding gate into an automatic, remote controlled gate. Please ensure you pick up enough gear rack to apply to the length of the gate. Click to view product.

GTR207 Power Options

The GTR207 gate kit comes with a pre-wired 24V Low Voltage Transformer. This transformer comes with a 30m long cable suitable for direct burial, meaning it can be run across your yard or fence line without needing to be run through electrical conduit.

Optional Accessories Required: (GTR205) and (GTR049)
To operate the GTR207 on solar power you will also require a GTR205 Solar Battery Pack Kit, and a 24V Solar Panel

Solar requirements may differ depending on your state and environment. contact your nearest Richmond store for more information for solar requirements in your area.

Optional Accessories Required: (GTR206)
To operate the GTR207 with Battery Backup you will also require a Battery Backup Kit (GTR206). This kit includes a weatherproof box and 2 x 12V 12Ah batteries.

Battery backup allows your gate to continue running as long as there is charge in the connected batteries. This option allows your gate to continue running in the event of a power outage.

How To Videos

How to Install the GTR207 Sliding Gate Motor

Pairing or removing remotes from the GTR207

Compatible Accessories & Add-Ons for the GTR207

Take your automatic gate to the next level with our range of accessories.
Click the product that you’re interested in for more info.

Reflective Photocells (GTR208)

Prevent gates closing on vehicles/pedestrians when an infrared beam is crossed. Increasing safety.

Spare Gate Remotes (GTR179)

Each gate opener comes with 2x remotes as standard. Additional remotes can be paired.

Keypad (GTR180)

Provide secure access to your property with a programmable access code. Rated to IP54.

Wired Keypad (GTR055)

Provide secure access to your property with a programmable access code. Rated to IP54.

Keypad Post (GTR056)

Mounting post to suit the GTR180 wireless keypad. The post is designed to be cemented in place.

Push Button (GTR201)

Wirelessly open your gate at the push of a button.

Push Button (GTR202)

Open your gate at the push of a button.

External Remote Receiver (GTR197)

Allows the pairing of extra remotes. Pair up to 250 remotes to your gate opener with this accessory.

24V 30W Solar Panel (GTR049)

When paired with the GTR205 Solar Battery Pack Kit can be used to convert your kit into a solar powered gate setup.

Battery Backup Kit incl. Batteries (GTR206)

Weatherproof box with 2x 12V 12Ah batteries for battery backup operation.

Solar Battery Pack Kit 24V incl. Batteries (GTR205)

Battery pack for solar operation. Includes 2x 12V 12Ah batteries, a low voltage regulator, and a battery box.

30m Low Voltage Extension Cable (GTR221)

Spare 30m cable to suit. Can be used to extend the length of the low voltage cable from the motor to your power supply.

100m Low Voltage Extension Cable (GTR220)

100m cable for extending the length of the low voltage cable from the motor to your power supply. Cable can be cut to suit your desired length.

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