70mm Cargo Castor (S2446)

Wheel Diameter: 70mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel

Wheel Width: 35mm

Wheel Type: Nylon

Wheel Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

Castor Height: 102mm

Swivel Radius: 110mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 200kg

The unique upside down nature of the Cargo castor was conceived for use on cargo handling systems and specifically for airport applications. The heavy load carrying capacity, maintenance free precision ball bearing for low rolling and swivel resistance coupled with the anti-corrosion coating ensure these castors’ longevity. Other features include a robust pressed steel fork and integrated plastic sealing.

The S2446 manufactured by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. is a swivel frame castor and is fitted with a nylon wheel. This swivel castor is one of our cargo series castor range and has a maximum capacity of 200kg. The S2446 is assembled with ball bearings on the castors axle. This castors swivel frame allows for full 360° swivel rotation. The overall nylon wheel diameter is 70mm, the wheel width is 35mm.

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