Pack of 2 Twin Wheel Stem Castors (S51PK2)

Wheel Diameter: 50mm

Wheel Width: 43mm

Wheel Type: Nylon

Wheel Bearing Type: Plain Bore

Castor Height: 63mm

Thread Length: 38mm

Swivel Radius: 50mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 40kg

Recommended Load Capacity: 25kg

Richmond’s Furniture Castor range is made to suit most office furniture including chairs, trolleys and light duty cabinets such as low line TV units and display racking. An economic and attractive twin wheel hooded design is perfect for DIY retro fitting and returning rolling functionality to your furniture. Available with a range of fittings to suit your application these castors are hard wearing, easily rolling over carpetOur S51GN twin wheel furniture castor features a grip neck stem to fit drilled holes in timber without the use of threads or clips and can swivel 360°. The twin nylon wheels measure 50mm (2″) in diameter and the overall height of the castor (minus the stem) is 63mm. These castors are suitable of loads up to 40kg per castors. For example if you use 4 castors, the load capacity then becomes 160kg providing the load is evenly distributed.

To fit this castor  a 38-40mm deep hole will need to be drilled in the timber surface using a 3/8″ drill bit to allow for the 37mm long Grip Neck stem to be inserted.

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