A wheelbarrow is a common piece of material handling equipment used in various industries. Additionally, wheelbarrows are used on a large scale for gardening. For instance, gardeners and hobbyists can use a wheelbarrow to carry heavy loads like seeds, plants, fertilisers, gardening tools, soil, garden tubs, and more. Nowadays, with advancement in technology, these are available in various sizes and crafted from different materials to meet different needs.

At Richmond, we provide our customers with a fantastic range of both plastic wheelbarrows and steel wheelbarrows. You can choose either of these and many other types of wheel barrow displayed on our website. We provide products that are cost-effective, of exceptional quality, and built to last a long time, ensuring maximum return on your investment.

However, if your requirement is to move a heavier load that requires more mechanical labour than manual, we recommend investing in a tow tug.

Similar to a trailer, garden carts are designed to be attached to ride on lawn mowers and are perfect for hobby farmers, sporting clubs, and small businesses such as garden supply stores. Simply attach the cart to your ride on mower for a hassle-free method of transporting loads.

When deciding between buying a plastic or steel wheelbarrow, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for. Steel wheelbarrows are well suited to more heavy-duty jobs such as transporting cement, bricks and other bulky objects due to their particularly resilient steel tray. These wheelbarrows are a must for bricklayers or anyone looking to shovel and mix loads of cement inside the tray.

Meanwhile, plastic wheelbarrows and garden tub carts are lighter and better suited to moving bark, plants and mulch. Popular among gardeners and landscapers, they’re also ideal for day-to-day use.

Browse our complete range of wheelbarrows and garden carts online today. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.