Warehouse Trolleys

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  • Commander 900 x 600mm Platform Trolley with Deadman Brake (PFR043)

    $284.35 inc GST
  • Wide 6 Wheel Stock Platform Trolley Single Handle | PGR200

    $591.69 inc GST
  • 6 Wheel Steel Rocking 610 x 1220mm Platform Trolley (PFR037)

    $822.80 inc GST
  • 6 Wheel Steel Rocking 760 x 1220mm Platform Trolley (PFR039)

    $810.70 inc GST
  • 6 Wheel Steel Rocking 760 x 1525mm Platform Trolley (PFR038)

    $853.05 inc GST
  • 6 Wheel Steel Rocking 915 x 1830mm Platform Trolley (PFR040)

    $1,028.50 inc GST

Showing all 6 results

An efficient warehouse is only as good as the resources it can employ. The humble warehouse trolley is undoubtedly the most useful of these and certainly earn their keep. Without high-quality warehouse trolleys, any business that has to handle materials will become less productive at best and dangerous at worst.

As the premier manufacturer of materials handling solutions in Australia for over sixty years, we’ve had a lot of experience with warehouses. Everything we produce is built to last and we employ innovative designs, crafted by a deep knowledge of the challenges of goods-handling. That’s why we have an excellent reputation, not only in warehousing but in hospitality, engineering and many other industries as well.

A Great Range of Trolleys for Warehouses

We’ve got a fantastic range of trolleys for warehouses. Designed to be manoeuvred in confined spaces, they are ideal for navigating aisles and shelving rows. The six-wheel design allows the user to pivot and rotate the trolley on the front or back castors. All are made from durable materials and have optional second handles for greater control.

Trolleys we stock include:

  • Six Wheel Steel Rocking Platform Trolleys – These have a variety of platform sizes, from 610mm x 1220mm to 915mm x 1830mm. They are made from tough steel with a load capacity of up to 540kg!
  • Wide Six Wheel Stock Platform Trolley – Made from galvanised steel this trolley is perfect for quick moves through the warehouse. It measures 1140mm x 565mm and can carry up to 500kg, so while it may not be huge it is incredibly tough.
  • Commander Platform Trolley – This innovatively designed platform trolley features the ‘deadman brake’ system built into the handle itself so you will have an extraordinary amount of control over the 900mm x 600mm platform and the maximum 250kg load it carries. This makes it ideal for deliveries or any warehouse job that requires quick start and stops.

We also stock other trolleys suitable for warehouse work including:

What Type of Industrial-Grade Warehouse Trolley Should You Go For?

Trolleys are needed for a whole host of different jobs in the warehouse, so it is important to have a good understanding of what you want to use it for before buying. A lot can depend on how bulky the items you stock are, how and where they are stored as well as shapes and sizes. You should have an idea of what the surface is like, whether you might require tyres or hard castors when transporting items.

Get in Touch!

Once you’ve got answers to these questions – or even if you don’t – give us a call and give us a rundown of your operation and the kind of handling equipment you think you might need. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, so our team have an in-depth understanding of the kind of things required in warehousing. Bear in mind that we offer custom options too, so if you don’t see exactly what you want, we’ll be happy to customise your trolley.

You can place your order over the phone, or you can order online right now using our easy ordering tool. Our warehouse trolleys are all over the country, so you are never too far away for a delivery!