Stair Climbing Hand Trolley

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Showing all 6 results

Richmond’s Stair Climber Trolleys are carefully designed to safely maneuver heavy items such as refrigerators, cabinets and more up and down stairs and steps. Providing a secure and reliable moving dolly solution for the moving professional or for home use, our Stair Climber Trolley makes the act of step climbing with heavy loads a breeze. Boasting 150mm rebound rubber dolly wheels, loading strips, sturdy welds, a reinforced axle and an optional ratchet for extra peace of mind, stair climbing trolleys have never been better.

Make moving easier with a heavy duty stair climbing trolley

If you are looking for the best stair climbing trolley on the market, you will not find better products than the stair climbing hand trolley range available from Richmond Wheels & Castor Co.

Our top quality products are built to ISO 9001:2015 certification standard.. We have been manufacturing wheels, hand trolleys, stainless steel trolleys and other related products for over 60 years, so you can be sure of expert craftsmanship and attention to detail with every product.

We believe the safety of our products is the most important consideration for any prospective customer, and we build our products with safety in mind. When you choose a Richmond trolley, you are choosing the best.

What is a stair climbing trolley and how does it work?

Stair climbing trolleys are specially designed trolleys that are made for moving loads up and down stairs. They’ll also roll quite comfortably across a level surface as well. The special design of the trolley makes it more easy to ascend or descend stairs with a heavy load than any other kind of trolley you could buy.

The key to the mechanical advantage provided is in the stair climbing trolley mechanism design. The wheels are specially arranged around a centrally mounted axel, so they can perform the job of a wheel as well as the job of a lever.

In effect, each wheel is an independent wheel, and combine together to form a larger wheel that assists you to move heavy objects on stairs. The high quality of our mechanism (you can see the all metal construction) means it is very durable and also reliable. It is safe and effective in accomplishing the task.

Advantages of using a stair trolley

The first very clear advantage is that it makes the job easier. Ordinary trolleys require a lot more effort to move heavy objects on stairs.

Another advantage is that it makes the job safer. You are much less likely to lose control of a stair climbing trolley than a regular trolley when you are using it on stairs.

The third advantage is that it can help prevent injuries. The mechanical advantage reduces the amount of physical effort you need to expend, which in turn means less chance of strained tendons, torn muscles, or slipped discs. When your job depends on being healthy and strong, injuries are a major threat.

Talk to us now for more information about a stair climbing trolley

If you have any questions about stair trolleys, Richmond is ready to help. We have all the answers and we are Australia’s top experts in the design and manufacture of these special purpose hand trolleys.

When your job is easier, you’ll be able to get through your work more quickly. That means either you can get more work done, or you’ll have more free time to use. Either way, the stair climbing trolley will make a big improvement to the way you work, so get in touch today.