Pram Handle Hand Trolleys

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  • Pram Handle Hand Trolleys (PRR124)

    Pram Handle Puncture Proof Hand Trolley (PRR124)

    $266.15 inc GST
  • Pram Handle Hand Trolleys (PRR125)

    Pram Handle Pneumatic Hand Trolley (PRR125)

    $268.65 inc GST
  • Ratchet Strap (RSR001)

    Handtruck Ratchet Strap (RSR001)

    $105.71 inc GST
  • Heavy Duty Quilted Moving Blanket 1800 x 3400mm (RBR002)

    $30.86 inc GST

Showing all 4 results

If you are a professional looking for a hand trolley to move heavy items such as newspapers, flat packages, cartons, boxes or more in the office or delivery industries, you needn’t look further than Richmond’s Pram Handle Trolleys. Richmond’s trolleys feature a thicker reinforced axle, high quality welds for rigidity, heavier gauged steel wall tubing and our market leading pneumatic and puncture proof wheels to save on costly downtime.

Richmond provides two different models of Pram Handle Trolleys:

»» The PRR124 features puncture proof tyres and a capacity of 200kg

»» The PRR125 features pneumatic wheels and a capacity of 300kg