Fridge Trolleys

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  • 1500mm Fridge 11″ Puncture Proof Hand Trolley (FTR119)

    $416.71 inc GST
  • 1500mm Fridge 11″ Pneumatic Hand Trolley (FTR120)

    $365.43 inc GST
  • 1500mm Fridge Hand Trolleys (FTR119S)

    1500mm Fridge Puncture Proof Hand Trolley with Ratchet Strap (FTR119S)

    $477.95 inc GST
  • 1500mm Fridge Hand Trolleys (FTR129S)

    1500mm Fridge Pneumatic Hand Trolley with Ratchet Strap (FTR129S)

    $446.49 inc GST
  • 1500mm Fridge Hand Trolleys (FTR128S)

    1500mm Fridge Puncture Proof Hand Trolley with Ratchet Strap (FTR128S)

    $458.59 inc GST

Showing all 5 results

High Quality Fridge Trolleys for Sale

Moving fridges and other white goods can be an extremely difficult process, but with the help from the right equipment, this doesn’t need to be so. If you or your staff are regularly in need of a way to move large, heavy and potentially expensive household appliances in a way which is swift, efficient and safe, you can rest assured that the high quality refrigerator trolleys you’ll find here at Richmond Wheel & Castors Co. are exactly what you need.

Built with a sturdy design and with a high load capacity, and equipped with convenient puncture-proof wheels, a Richmond Wheel & Castors Co. fridge trolley can always be counted on to make moving household appliances easier than ever before. Perfect for home or business use, our trolleys are carefully crafted by our team of highly trained and experienced experts, who have the knowhow required to deliver exceptional quality and value for money, absolutely every time.

Starting out in 1958 as a steel construction business, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. is now being managed by the third generation of its founding family and has grown into one of Australia’s most trusted and reputable specialists in wheels, castors, industrial trolleys and other related products which are specifically designed to make moving goods from one place to another totally straight forward.

Heavy Duty Fridge Trolley for Sale Online

If you are looking for a quality fridge trolley for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Rather than having to waste your time going from shop to shop in search of the ideal product for your business, you can simply sit back in the comfort of your own office and browse through all the various options available here at Richmond Wheel & Castors Co. Here, you’ll be able to find a heavy duty fridge trolley for sale at the perfect price, without any stress or hassle whatsoever.

After you’ve chosen the product that’s right for you, just fill out some basic payment and delivery information, and our staff will promptly get to work with selecting, packaging and dispatching your request. Before you know it, your new fridge trolley will be delivered straight to your front door, absolutely anywhere in Australia.

Order Refrigerator Trolleys from Richmond Wheel & Castor Co.

To find out more information about any of the products we sell on our website, you can simply click on your chosen item and read the product description and specifications. If you’d like to see our products for yourself, you can arrange to visit us in person at one of our showrooms, available in locations across the country.

Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team either via telephone or email, or using the convenient form available on our site, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have and advise you in any way we can to ensure that you’re able to make a fully informed decision regarding your purchase.