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Showing all 10 results

Self-Tilting Trolleys Reduce Strain by 50%

This smart piece of Australian design halves the amount of effort required to tilt the load off the ground. A spring loaded foot operated lever tilts the wheel axle into the best position for lifting and moving the load. A truly heavy duty steel trolley that is designed to work and last a very long time. The ultimate in ergonomics means the hand trolley does the work for you. The trolley is available in 3 designs: The square framed trolley is designed for high flat load support and is ideal for moving boxes and crates. The twin handle model features a curved back and drum hook for the safe transport of drums, kegs or sacks, whilst still being suitable to move boxes, crates and tubs. The high framed trolley with double loop handles features a wide curved frame, larger wheels and wider surfaces. It is designed to carry larger articles such as white goods, gas bottles and large boxes.

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