Safety Equipment

Be prepared and protected with Richmond’s extensive range of workplace safety products. We have workplace safety solutions for whatever game you’re in, whether it’s office safety, traffic safety, site safety, industrial safety, or even personal safety for your own vehicle or home.

We cover a lot of bases when it comes to safety supplies. As well as our range of safety signs, bollards, traffic cones, safety barriers, chains, reflective tapes, anti-slip tapes and emergency LED road flares, we can offer many different solutions right across Australia, including in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth.

We have sandbags for sale, fence post caps, and various other forms of safety fencing. 30L spill kits are also available – suitable for oil, grease, paints and non-aggressive chemicals. We even have a temporary 50m silt fence which can be a long lasting barrier to retain silt and sediment.

Discover Our Product Range

No matter what safety equipment you need, you’re sure to find it within our fantastic range. Our selection of safety products includes the following:

Safety cones and bollards – Our safety bollards are highly visible and boast a range of features, including weighted rubber bases, UV stabilisation, and reflective bands. We also offer a great range of safety cones in a variety of sizes and styles, including collapsible and stackable options that are perfect for pedestrian and traffic control.

Road barriers – Lightweight and easy to set up, our road barriers feature reflective strips for ultimate visibility both day and night, making them a perfect choice for temporary pedestrian and traffic control.

Safety mirrors – Featuring a wide viewing angle and a weatherproof construction, our safety mirrors are designed to improve safety in car parks, buildings, loading docks and playgrounds.

Corner protectors – Made from durable recycled rubber, our corner protectors are a perfect solution for preventing damage to machinery, buildings and vehicle doors.

Wet floor signs – Preventing slips and falls in the workplace is of the utmost importance in order to lower the risk of injury to employees. Lightweight and easy to fold for storage, we offer a bright yellow wet floor sign that’s perfect for
displaying in wet areas.

Trailer flags – Whether you’re carrying overhanging loads from Melbourne to Sydney or just going down the road, it’s vital to attach trailer flags to your cargo in order to warn pedestrians and other vehicles. We can provide you with trailer flags that are highly visible, easy to attach and reusable.

Sand bags – Made from tear resistant polypropylene material and boasting a capacity of 20 kilos, our sand bags are UV stabilised and designed for use in Australian conditions.

Safety tape – Our safety tape range is ideal for marking off areas and warning people to stay away. We stock orange, pink and green flagging tapes, red/white and black/yellow tapes, and even yellow caution tape.

Anti-slip tape – Perfect for use on stairs and other surfaces that can become slippery, our anti-slip tape comes in striped black/yellow and solid black options. Also available in assorted lengths and widths.

Barrier mesh – When you need to fence off sections of a work site, our safety barrier mesh is an ideal choice. Made from UV stabilised material, it’s a lightweight yet durable option that’s perfect for temporary use.

And more – Including anti-slip stair treads, emergency LED flares, spill kits, vehicle warning lights and safety hooks.

High-Quality Products Right Across Australia

Whether you need safety equipment in Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney, Perth or Adelaide, you can trust that you’ll receive the highest quality products when you place your order with Richmond. All of our products are manufactured to stringent industry standards, ensuring you can rely on them to be durable and long-lasting. Whether you need safety cones and bollards for a Melbourne road works site, trailer flags for driving with an overhanging load from Brisbane to Sydney, or anti-slip tape for an Adelaide workplace, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with a high-quality product at an affordable price. We’re also constantly stocking new products, so check back regularly for new arrivals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – call us now on 1300 474 246 or submit a product enquiry online.