Protective Cases

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  • Seal Case – 198x100x65mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE198)

    $18.07 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 250x142x65mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE250)

    $27.03 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 232x192x111mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE232)

    $30.65 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 270x246x174mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE270)

    $37.55 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 339x295x152mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE339)

    $55.78 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 470x357x176mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE470)

    $72.28 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 524x428x206mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE524)

    $130.75 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 616x493x220mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE616)

    $168.15 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 1127x406x155mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE1127)

    $234.15 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 1346x406x155mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE1346)

    $281.28 inc GST

Showing all 10 results

The Best Place to Buy a Tough Storage Box

You can rely on a protective case made by us at Richmond to keep any of your more fragile equipment safe. After all, there’s always risk. You could be the most cautious, well-prepared person in the world but things can still go wrong. Even if your job is relatively safe and non-physical, you’ll likely still need to transport your equipment from place to place. And when things are moved, there’s a much bigger chance that things are broken. All it takes is tripping, dropping something, or even jostling something too much while transporting it. So, if you’re a professional who relies heavily on certain tools to get a job done, why risk them? Get one of our weatherproof cases and put your mind at ease about going from site to site.

At Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., we don’t make products solely for manufacturing, physical, and industrial work. Many of our clients come from those industries, and we’re proud of the trust those professionals have in our equipment, but we can help people in jobs of all kinds. If you need to transport something that’s not easily moved, we can likely help. If you’re moving homes, we have moving blankets that keep your whiteware and furniture safe during transit. If you’re moving lots of small things all day, we have trolleys. Even if the thing you’re transporting all the time is yourself, we can help; our fatigue mats are great at minimising exhaustion and pain for people who are standing all day.

In other words, we can make life a little easier and less stressful for most Australians, and we’re proud of that.

What Can I Carry? How Safe is This Storage Case?

Really, our protective casemodels can carry pretty much anything. The only real restriction is that it fits inside the case. As for how safe your equipment is inside, it may as well be inside a bomb shelter. This is a weatherproof, watertight, dustproof, shock-resistant case with foam padding. It’s also rated to IP65. Nothing is getting into that case unless you want it to, is what we’re saying. It won’t just keep your items safe from being dropped or jostled; it’ll also keep whatever’s inside clean and dry, if need be. That makes it a perfect choice for carrying items that are extremely expensive with high maintenance or upkeep requirements.

For instance, you can use this protective case if you’re a photographer. Any professional photographer has a top-of-the-line camera, and every photographer knows the stress of keeping that camera safe and clean. That’s especially tough when photographers often have to travel to many different sites for different shoots. A professional camera can cost thousands of dollars, and unexpectedly having to replace one can set you back financially for months. So, if you’re working with an expensive camera like that, why risk it? You can use our storage case to travel stress-free.

Tough Storage Box Enquiries, Showrooms, and Contact Details

We’re happy to help however we can. If you have any concerns or enquiries, or if you’d like to visit us in person, head over to “Contact Us.” You’ll find the contact details and addresses for all our showrooms.