Make Sure You’re Buying a Step Ladder You Trust

Whether you are looking for a step ladder, multi-purpose ladder or even a safety step or stool, we have the right choice for you. Constructed from durable aluminium, our range of Bailey Ladders are ideal for the home, workplace or construction site. Height access no longer has to be hazardous, with Richmond’s range of ladders to minimize the risk of injury.

Looking for a Bailey ladder not in our range? We can get it in for you! Just talk to one of our friendly staff at our branches in Melbourne, Sydney (Caringbah and Wetherill Park), Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin! You can also call us on 1300 474 246, or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to assist you with your ladder choice. Helping our customers find the right solution is what we do best.

Looking for a safety step or stool? Look no further than the Richmond Safety Step. It’s an icon of the Material Handling industry, and it’s not hard to see why – reinforced to prevent sagging, indented steps, grip tape, highly visible colours and lightweight construction all make our safety step stool the number one choice.

Make Sure You’re Buying a Step Ladder You Trust

After all, your physical safety calls for the best. A poorly made, rickety step ladder is a recipe for disaster, and we don’t cook up messes when it comes to our inventory. Everything we manufacture and sell is the result of 60 years of refining and improving. We’ve outlasted plenty of our competition and become a trusted brand in Australia, and we’ve done that by not compromising. We don’t stock our shelves with “good enough.” So, when you buy a step ladder from us, you can be sure it’s a safe, durable, and reliable product. No company lasts over 60 years without knowing what they’re doing. And we know enough to have a showroom in every state, plus Auckland.

At Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., we’re a proudly Australian manufacturer. We take pride in making the lives of Australians easier and safer, no matter what industry you’re in. With products that involve user safety, like ladders, we’re especially discerning, and we only sell the best. That’s why we also offer Bailey ladders, from a manufacturer as old and disciplined as ourselves. Whether you need a simple safety step or a full-size extendable ladder, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our stock. And thanks to our many locations, you can order yours from anywhere in the country.

We know the main idea when it comes to buying step ladders: You want to be sure you won’t fall off, and you want to know that it’s going to last as long as you do or longer. And thanks to our durable, tried and true design, we can guarantee both of those factors for you.

Step Ladders Ideal for the Professional on the Move

Our ladders are plenty safe, but as far as we’re concerned, “safe” is the bare minimum for a ladder. So, we’ve gone above and beyond. Our ladders are designed to be perfect for professionals on the go. They’re made of aluminium and are less than 15kgs, making them both sturdy and lightweight. Our larger models also feature castor wheels, which are great for quickly relocating your ladder while on the job. This is especially useful for painters, construction workers, and other professions where your ladder will be out and in use for most of the working day.

Our Step ladders also feature plenty of grip tape to keep you stable and balanced while you’re working, even if your work requires lots of movement or coordination. And thanks to the compact design of both, you can pack them up in a matter of seconds to be ready for your next job location without any hassle.

Get in Touch To Know More About Our Step Ladder!

If you’d like to ask us anything or see us in person, we’re happy to help you out. You can find the addresses and details of all our showrooms under “Contact Us”. Other than ladders, We also sell different types of trolleys, wheels, plastic crates, and more.
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