Striker Plates

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  • D Latch With Striker Plate (GTR141)

    $7.15 inc GST
  • D Latch With Striker Plate 2pk (GTR141)

    $15.62 inc GST

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A container or door is only as secure as its strongest parts, and security can be critical in some industries or neighbourhoods. So, it’s important to make sure your hinges, frame, and striker plate are all in excellent condition. One way to make sure you’re working with top-quality parts is to buy your striker plate from Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., where we’ve been manufacturing them and dozens of other parts and products for over half a century. Don’t let the name fool you; while we’re known for making some of the best wheels and castors in Australia, we sell hundreds of different products. These range from trolleys, carts, and wheelbarrows to bearings, square tube end caps, and striker plates. Basically, if it’s meant to move or be moved, we either make and sell it or we make and sell something to facilitate its movement.

No Better Place to Buy a Good Quality Striker Plate

If you buy from us at Richmond, you’re not taking any risks. You’re not taking a chance on us even if you’ve never ordered from us before. After all, we’re the first choice of dozens of Australian manufacturers for a reason. We work hard to keep that trust, and we’re proud to be a 100% Australian family business with a proper work ethic and high standards. And after you’ve bought your items from us, we’re confident we’ll have your trust as well.

Simple Striker Plate Design With High-Quality Metal

Our D-latches and striker plates are nothing fancy; they don’t need to be. They’re made of straightforward aluminium with an anti-oxidation powder coating to avoid rust as much as possible. They’re also precisely measured to make sure you know exactly what you’re working with. These are perfectly suited to any swing gate as a secure and reliable option.

Buying Striker Plate in Bulk? Pay It All Gradually

If the striker plate is just one of the many things you need to buy, things can get pretty costly pretty quickly. Some parts and equipment aren’t cheap, but most of it is a necessity, which can put a lot of our customers into very tight financial squeezes. As far as we’re concerned, that’s not good business. How can customers walk away satisfied if they’re dreading the payment?

That’s why, on many of our more expensive products, we offer the option to pay in instalments over the course of a certain time. That can range from a few weeks to a few months, and it can range from 4 payments to over a dozen as needed. Each item’s listing includes a brief description of the payment plan option, which is done through Afterpay.

This is a great option for new businesses needing to buy equipment all at once. It can also help you if you happen to be a new homeowner with many other costs besides the wheelbarrow you need. Whatever your situation is, we’re happy to work with you to make the purchase easier for you long-term.

Contact Us for any Striker Plate Enquiries and Showroom Locations

If you have any enquiries or would like to see us in person, we’re happy to be of service. You can find our emails, contact numbers, and the addresses of our showrooms under “Contact Us.” We have a showroom in every state, so you’re likely not too far away from one!