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Beam Trolley Wheels

Richmond’s innovative range of Beam trolley wheels are suited to many different applications including overhead crane/carriages, movable platforms, construction, building applications and movable wagons/manufacturing process systems.

Unlike most imported beam trolley wheels (featuring only a single bearing) this range features double row angular contact precision ball bearings. This allows us to produce each wheel with a much higher load capacity to comparable alternatives. This bearing upgrade also results in significantly higher multidirectional capacity for heavy duty & high side load applications.

Standard Dimensions (refer to below table)

Product Specification Table

Part NumberWheel Diameter (mm)Flange Diameter (mm)Flange Width (mm)Wheel Width (mm)Wheel Across Wheel (mm)Shoulder Width (mm)Frame Clamping Thickness (mm)Axle DiameterThread Length (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Bearing TypePDF DownloadCAD Drawing Download
BTSF48X26M1248608263432-12MMM12 (8.8 BOLT)28250Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF65X34M1665818344232-16MMM16 (8.8 BOLT)38450Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF90X40M20901068404835-25MMM20 (8.8 BOLT)56600Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF105X46M241051278465455-30MMM24 (8.8 BOLT)63750Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF135X55M3013515710556455-30MMM30 (8.8 BOLT)801200Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF155X63M3615518512637555-30MMM36 (8.8 BOLT)852000Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF195X68M4219522815698455-40MMM42 (8.8 BOLT)983000Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF225X77M4822525815779258-45MMM48 (8.8 BOLT)1204500Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingDownloadDownload
BTSF250X95M562502872095115512-35MMM561117500Spherical Roller Bearing x 2DownloadDownload
BTSF280X115M6428031720115135512-40MMM6412110000Spherical Roller Bearing x 2DownloadDownload
BTSF320X160M7232036725160185812-40MMM7214515000Spherical Roller Bearing x 2DownloadDownload

The 250kg to 4500kg wheel sizes are supplied with grade 8.8 commercial as the wheel’s axle. This achieves high tensile steel axles as standard for extra strength, but also provides more fitment/mounting flexibility. The standard bolt lengths have been sizes to allow the wheels to be bolted through a section of plate or section of beam, however using a longer bot length the standard wheels can be bolted through a box section of steel.

Standard Wheel Configuration Options

if our standard wheel configuration/capacity options don’t quite meet your project needs here are some examples of typical polyurethane tyred wheel configurations we can manufacture to suit your project needs exactly.