WheelMaker Projects

Heavy Machinery Custom Production Trailers

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co., were contacted to help locally design, manufacture and supply a range of heavy machinery production trailers. These trailers were designed to safely and efficiently transport farming equipment and large machinery around a warehouse. The project scope was to design a large dollie that could safely move 2.5-ton equipment around a […]

Custom Support Rotating Rollers

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contacted to help in the design and supply of support wheels to be used in the repair and restoration of a 32-ton high efficiency power turbine generator shaft in Western Australia. The project scope included design and supply of four fixed mounted solid aluminium billet wheels 248mm diameter x […]

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Fully enclosed double flanged castor kits

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contracted to manufacture a set of fully enclosed double flanged castor kits for a series of hangar doors in regional Western Australia. As part of the quoting process, the Engineering team considered and improved the design and assembly to reduce cost and improve ease of maintenance. Key features of […]

Galvanised Pipe Roller

Richmond Wheel And Castor Co were contacted to help design and supply a pipe roller solution for the launching of a steel pipe under the Swan St Bridge in Victoria. The scope called for the rollers to be used for the installation of pipe as well as the permanent lifetime support. In order to meet […]

Height Adjustable Levelling Castor

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contacted to help design a simple and cost effective height adjustable castor for an industrial application. The castors are used to raise a lightweight aluminium platform off the ground, and allow linear travel along a concrete abutment. Once in the new position, the castors are lowered back to the […]

Nigerian Pipe Launch Project

In late 2016, Richmond Wheel & CastorCo were contacted by a German specialty engineering company to provide 150 large scale pipe rollers for a large pipe launch project in Nigeria. The project was to launch an oil/gas pipeline from on-shore to an off-shore docking platform as part of a major infrastructure upgrade. One of the […]

Trenchless Pipeline Rollers (055-1750PU-TPR)

Part Number: 055-175PU-TPR This simple and efficient design allows for large carrying capacity and safety at the lowest possible cost. Made for large scale pipe launching projects, this design is customisable to suit your exact pipe material, size and load. It utilises the most economical products to ensure that your project is met on time […]

Custom Turning Roller Products

As well as being wheel making experts, Richmond Engineering specialises in complete design and supply of tractional gear motor drive systems. From small solutions to super heavy duty drive systems, we can custom build a tractional rotational system to suit your requirements. From temporary systems for pipe joining to permanent 24hr rotational drive systems, we […]

Evaporation Pond Covers Drive and Support System

The project scope included design and supply of a traction drive system to drive a 30 ton fabric structure forwards and backwards on a track to cover or expose an evaporation pond based on seasonal rain conditions. The scope also included design and supply of heavy duty double flange wheels for load carrying support of […]