HD Timber Handle Steel Tray Wheelbarrow with Narrow Pneumatic Plastic Wheel (WBR400)

Volume: 100L

Tray Type: 1.2mm Thick Heavy Duty Steel

Tyre Size: 4.00-8

Wheel Rim: Plastic

Wheel Code PN1627

Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Colour: Red

Load: 200kg

A Richmond Wheelbarrow is an essential piece of equipment for any builder, bricklayer, renderer landscaper, gardener or home handy person. Richmond carry a range of wheelbarrows to cater for all these trades and environments, most commonly tray selection is determined by the primary use of the wheelbarrow. A plastic tray wheelbarrow is a common choice for landscapers, gardeners and around the home. They are suited to shifting a variety of materials including: mulch, mud and sand. A steel tray wheelbarrow is most commonly used by bricklayers and when shovelling loads or mixing materials together inside the tray, this is because the steel tray is more resilient to a shovel and more abrasive loads such as cement. They are suited to shifting materials such as: rocks, bricks, sand, tiles and concrete. Richmond has a heavier duty builder’s barrow option in the steel tray available that features a thicker tray wall, reinforced nose and heavy gauge handles.