75mm Clear Polyurethane Wheel Castor (S3042)

Wheel Diameter: 75mm

Castor Frame Type: Swivel

Wheel Width: 23mm

Wheel Type: PU/Clear

Wheel Code: N/A

Wheel Bearing Type: Plain Bore

Castor Height: 100mm

Swivel Radius: 60mm

Maximum Load Capacity: 80kg

The S3042 by Richmond is a swivel frame castor and features a clear polyurethane wheel. This swivel castor is part of our styler bolt range and has a top load capacity of 80kg. The S3042 uses plain bearings for wheel rotation and is mounted with a bolt. The swivel frame allows the load to be steered. The overall clear polyurethane wheel diameter is 75mm, the wheel width is 23mm and you can order separately (Part Number: N/A). This model can also be ordered with a brake (part number S3042B).

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