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240V AC Powered Sliding Gate Motor suitable for loads up to 1500kg (GTR211)


Gate automation made simple!

Turn your existing gate into an automatic sliding gate with this gate automation kit. An automatic sliding gate can increase security and value to your property whilst eliminating the need to leave your vehicle to manually open and close the gate. 

The GTR211 offers a heavier duty gate motor solution and is capable of handling heavier gates up to 1500kg.


Kit Contents

For Installation You will also need...

To complete installation, you will need a pack of GTR092. A bolt on gear rack is required to convert a manual sliding gate into an automatic, remote controlled gate. Please ensure you pick up enough gear rack to apply to the length of the gate. Click to view product.

GTR211 Power Options

The GTR211 operates on 240V AC power as standard. This requires an RCD protected weatherproof power point within 1m of the gate motor.

If you do not have an RCD protected power point you will need an electrician to fit one for you OR you can use one of the alternate power supplies listed below (this requires the purchase of optional accessories).

Compatible Accessories & Add-Ons for the GTR211

Take your automatic gate to the next level with our range of accessories.
Click the product that you’re interested in for more info.

Reflective Photocells (GTR208)

Prevent gates closing on vehicles/pedestrians when an infrared beam is crossed. Increasing safety.

Spare Gate Remotes (GTR179)

Each gate opener comes with 2x remotes as standard. Additional remotes can be paired.

Keypad (GTR180)

Provide secure access to your property with a programmable access code. Rated to IP54.

Wired Keypad (GTR055)

Provide secure access to your property with a programmable access code. Rated to IP54.

Keypad Post (GTR056)

Mounting post to suit the GTR180 wireless keypad. The post is designed to be cemented in place.

External Remote Receiver (GTR197)

Allows the pairing of extra remotes. Pair up to 250 remotes to your gate opener with this accessory.

Push Button (GTR202)

Open your gate at the push of a button.

Push Button (GTR201)

Wirelessly open your gate at the push of a button.

Need help troubleshooting or installing your Gate Motor?

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