100mm Wheel | 1/2″ Axle Diameter (AL471-50)

Product Name : 100mm Wheel

DIAMETER(mm): 100

TYRE WIDTH(mm): 36

BOSS WIDTH(mm): 40

Temperature range: -30° to 400°C

Axle Diameter: 1/2 INCH



Wheel Code: AL471-50


  • Suitable for use in food industries and any oven and baking application requiring continuous exposure to temperatures up to 300C with peaks of 400C
  • Suitable for chillers/freezer applications and environments down to -30C; proven to resist thermal shock due to rapid rising or falling temperatures
  • Anti-corrosive properties and resistant to most solvents, oils, acids and chemicals
  • Chip and crack resistant surface compared to traditional Phenolic wheels
  • Greater tensile strength, able to withstand sudden impacts compared to a Phenolic wheel
  • Reduced wear characteristics increase longevity and decrease maintenance costs
  • Material will not dry out and become brittle under normal baking times
  • Aluminium wheel provides structural integrity to the castor for a smoother ride
  • Aluminium wheels cool almost twice as fast as traditional phenolic or glass filled nylon wheels. This means safer handling and reduced damage to painted floors