Electric Pallet Jack

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  • Pallet Jack Powered with Detachable Battery Pack (PJR008)

  • Pallet Jack Battery Electric (PJR006)

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Repetitive lifting and carrying tasks can have a detrimental effect on your health, so it’s no wonder that businesses spend fortunes on manual handling course and safety equipment. If you can reduce some of the strain when it comes to loading and unloading, you’ll be saving yourself potential harm.

That why we manufacture and sell high-quality electric pallet jacks. For over 60 years we’ve been working in all kinds of different sectors to create the ultimate handling solutions. We’re committed to using tough materials and innovative design when it comes to heavy moving equipment, and we also want to be sure that you’re working without risk.

Our Electric Jacks

When you are looking at buying an electric powered pallet jack you should think about durability and manoeuvrability, but you should also think about reliability when it comes to the electric component. It should have enough power to get the job done quickly and efficiently and also work for a sustained period without charge.

We have two main products when it comes to electric jacks. These are:

  • Pallet Jack Battery Electric: This utilises a powerful 24V power unit which holds its charge very well. It is highly manoeuvrable and compact, making ideal for tight spaces and narrow aisles. It has brilliant traction and massively reduces the effort exerted by its users and boasts a simple control system that takes no time at all to master.
    It has fully electric lifting and propulsion and is capable of lifting up to a height of 205mm and will hold loads of up to 1500kg safely.
  • Pallet Jack Semi Electric Walk Behind: Like the fully electric model, this jack is a compact design that is capable of working in small and awkward areas. It is ideal for front of house areas between aisles or cramped warehouse work.
    The electric motor has an inbuilt charge and has 38Ah of power, along with a pioneering design of hydraulic pump. It also has an emergency brake and can also carry up to 1500g.

If you are looking to complement your electric powered pallet jacks with lighter weight handling equipment take a look at these:

  • Six Wheel Steel Rocking Platform Trolley: Like our pallet jacks, these are great moving around corners due to their innovative six-wheeled design. They can pivot and rotate on their outer castors, which means you can angle it to make loading and unloading easier too. They are capable of carrying between 250kg to 540kg.
  • Pneumatic Tyre Trolley: These are made to accommodate just about any handling need. We use puncture-proof tyres on some of our models so if you are working in an environment that is tough on wheels you won’t need to worry about a flat.

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