Clax Cart — the Perfect Solution for Moving Quantities of Items

An xcart trolley is perfect to use in warehouses, hospitals, offices, for a variety of businesses and even for domestic use. In fact, it’s so adaptable, its ability to carry a variety of items is almost limitless.

Why a Clax Trolly is Essential for many Purposes

A Clax folding cart has many features that make it indispensable:

  • Made from high quality injection moulded plastic and aluminium so it’s extremely durable and will give long service.
  • Lightweight at only seven kilogrammes yet very strong.
  • Can be collapsed at the push of a button so it’s folded quickly and easily for storage. Folded dimensions are only 67cm x 47cm x 11cm while the xcart is 89cm x 55cm x 103cm when fully extended.
  • The 17.5cm rear wheels and 9cm swivel castors at the front make the trolley easy to manoeuvre and can be quickly released and placed in the underside of the cart when detached for storage.
  • Has a total capacity of 60 kgs, with 20 kgs on the upper tray and 40 kgs on the lower tray.
  • Supplied with one collapsible tray that can be secured to the top tray by an elastic strap. A second crate can be stacked on top or placed on the bottom tray and the load platform folds upwards when not in use.
  • A pram style, ergonomic handle can be positioned angled or vertical for maximum comfort.
  • A safety catch that prevents the cart from collapsing unintentionally.
  • Foot operated brake that prevents the cart from moving.
  • Standing flaps that ensure the cart can be left upright and will not roll away.
  • Optional extras are available that include:
  • additional collapsible basket
  • chrome wire hanging basket
  • weather protection cover
  • pocket insert
  • PVC hard cover for the basket that can also act as a work platform
  • upper deck support rod that can increase the capacity of the upper tray.

Versatility for a Variety of Clax Trolley Uses

We offer a range of trollies and carts, and the X-Cart trolley is quite possibly the most versatile and flexible cart you can buy to move relatively small quantities of items. It can be used to deliver parts from a warehouse, to redistribute around a storage area, to deliver mail around any organisation or when administering medicine in a hospital or care home — the list of possibilities is almost endless due to the cart’s all-purpose design features and durable nature .

The cart is extremely well made in Germany from high quality materials and has a two-year warranty. It’s supplied ready to use, folded flat for easy transport, so you simply need to extend it to its full size and attach the wheels and castors.

Whatever type of business you operate, you’ll certainly find a use for this versatile trolley. And, once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it and may find uses for more. Even in domestic situations, the cart can prove indispensable. So order today and find out what you’re missing. Not only do we sell Clax folding cart, we also have plastic storage boxes, steel roller wheels, and more.
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