Wheelie Bin Tippers

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  • Simpro Dumpmaster wheelie bin lifter emptying yellow wheelie bin

    Simpro Dumpmaster Bin Lifter 1.8m (WBL1800B)

    $13,200.00 inc GST
  • WBL1600 Simpro Multi-Tip electric wheelie bin tipper

    Simpro Multi-Tip Bin Lifter 1.6m (WBL1600)

    $8,580.00 inc GST

Showing all 2 results

Buy Powered Wheelie Bin Lifters

These mobile bin tippers from Simpro use an electro-hydraulic mechanism to raise your wheelie bin safely and efficiently, with emptying times as short as 15 seconds! Making your waste solutions more efficient and removing the need for manual lifting to increase worker safety.

Suitable for a wide range of wheelie bin sizes

Suitable for wheelie bins up to 240L these clever automatic wheelie bin lifters take all the hard work and strain out of emptying your wheelie bins into skips and hoppers. They are easy to move and manufactured to last – even when used outdoors.

Shop our massive range of wheelie bins

We stock a wide range of wheelie bins that can be emptied easier than ever thanks to these intelligent mobile bin tippers, shop 80L, 120L, 140L, and 240L wheelie bins online in a wide range of colours.

We offer options to suit any industry – with the Simpro Multi-Tip Electric Bin Lifter perfect for emptying wheelie bins at a height of 1.6 metres, or the heavier duty Simpro Dumpmaster Electric bin lifter for lifting and emptying wheelie bins up to 1.8 metres.

Effective and Safe Bin Emptying with an Electric Bin Tipper

The traditional way of emptying bins was to manually lift and tip them to transfer the contents into a skip or refuse vehicle. However, it’s been recognised that this puts unnecessary stress on workers and causes avoidable injuries.

Workplace Health and Safety laws now require two people to lift each bin, which makes the process less cost-effective and doesn’t adequately solve the safety problem. The answer is to use a powered wheelie bin lifter that significantly improves safety as well as making the process more efficient.

Many Benefits of Changing to a New Wheelie Bin Lifter

Every mobile bin tipper that we supply is simple and safe to use. Because of this, and since it makes the job of emptying bins easier and less likely to cause injury, each bin lifter is accepted by workers and causes no problems in transitioning to new working methods. We provide full instructions, all the advice you need and training to simplify the process.

Ease of use of the bin tipper is ensured, even in multi tip operation, by a hydraulically driven transfer action that lifts and tips the bin in a single movement. The operator therefore simply has to wheel the bin to the mobile bin lifter, push it through the wide angle door and then close the door to lift and empty the bin. On completion, the door is opened and the bin wheeled away so it’s a quick and simple process.

Safe operation of the wheelie bin tipper is ensured through a number of safety features:

  • weight is spread evenly so accidents cannot occur due to over-balancing
  • it is not possible to open the door until the bin is returned to ground level
  • easy to access controls including brake levers for simple on and off operation
  • full guards to prevent operators from being injured by debris or the machine’s moving parts
  • easy and safe relocation of each machine.
  • AS4024 compliant guarding and interlocks
  • Delivery, training and servicing available
  • Wide range of options and accessories

Full Compliance and Cost-Effective Use

We supply a range of lifters to deal with all sizes and types of operation. These include machines for light and infrequent use right up to the heavy duty Simpro Dumpmaster models that are designed for regular lifting of high capacity bins.

All tippers are designed with safety and efficiency in mind so they comply fully with Australian Workplace Health and Safety regulations and provide fast operation with a single operator. They’re extremely cost-effective because they increase productivity, reduce accidents and staff absences, minimise legal and compensation costs and protect your workers from harm.

Each tipper is built to last and made from high quality and durable materials so it can withstand rough use in harsh conditions. Because of this, most bin tippers have a realistic life expectancy of ten years or more and will give exceptional service during that time.

If you need to lift and empty wheelie bins on a regular basis, our bin tippers will enable you to do that safely and much more efficiently than by manual means. It will save you money in the long term and protect your workers from harm, so select from our wide range today.

Our expert staff all around Australia are available to answer any questions you may have. Contact your nearest Richmond store for more information.