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Introducing Richmond’s range of Seal Cases – your ultimate choice in dust-proof,
shock-proof, and waterproof protection. Get the best seal, every time.

Pick & Pluck Foam Inserts

Available on most cases!

Complete coverage, no matter the shape or size. Personalise your solution with removable high-density foam. 

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  • Seal Case – 198x100x65mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE198)

    $27.49 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 250x142x65mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE250)

    $38.72 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 232x192x111mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE232)

    $46.71 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 270x246x174mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE270)

    $55.29 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 339x295x152mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE339)

    $86.13 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 470x357x176mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE470)

    $109.89 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 524x428x206mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE524)

    $191.88 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 616x493x220mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE616)

    $235.00 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 1127x406x155mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE1127)

    $329.92 inc GST
  • Seal Case – 1346x406x155mm Weatherproof Equipment Case (SEALCASE1346)

    $385.30 inc GST

Showing all 10 results

Protect Valuable Possessions with a Weatherproof Case

Australians are noted for their love of the outdoor life. We like nothing better than getting out into the bush, relaxing by and in the sea and generally making the most of our great climate. Sometimes that climate can have extremes, however, with high temperatures, sandstorms, heavy rain and wind to contend with. If you’re carrying valuable or sensitive equipment, therefore, you need to protect it from the elements. That’s where a weatherproof hard case will prove invaluable for carrying everything around in safety.

Richmond’s Weather Proof Cases – Perfect For All Uses

If you’re a professional or keen amateur photographer with expensive cameras and lenses, you’ll want to ensure they’re kept safe. The same applies if you’re a sound engineer or other professional with delicate electronic equipment or if you need to carry any other expensive or sensitive items safely.
They’ll all suffer badly and possibly terminally if they become wet, are covered in dust and grit, are subjected to extreme heat or are damaged due to being knocked or dropped. A high quality weatherproof protective case will provide the level of security you need to ensure all your valuables are kept safe against all these threats and more.

All our weatherproof cases provide the level of protection you need, including:

  • Giving protection against low pressure jets of water directed from any angle.
  • Having a shock-proof design that is impact resistant.
  • Preventing the ingress of dust and grit that will harm delicate items.
  • Being made of material that is fully UV resistant.
  • Conforming to the very highest safety protection standards.

Some other business products you may need consider:

Weather Proof Protective Cases For All Your Needs

We supply a wide range of cases, boxes and containers including our security crates, protective cases, wheelie bins and more! We want to accommodate to items that you might want to transport. We provide a number of varieties, from a black weatherproof hard case to a clear weatherproof hard case with varying capacities.

To determine the case that’s perfect for you, identify what you want to carry in it, where you’ll take it and what hazards you are likely to encounter. Then choose a case that has the required capacity and will adequately deal with those hazards. Always err on the side of caution but don’t spend money unnecessarily on features that are of no use to you. We have plenty of choice so choosing is easy. You can customise your case with graphics and logos on the outside and a foam interior with cut-outs to hold your equipment safely and securely. Each case is lightweight but sturdy and is shock tested to withstand severe knocks and drops from a height.

All seals provide protection against liquids entering the case and there are ergonomic handles so the case is comfortable to carry. Cases have easy to open latches and padlock hasps to provide extra security. They’re stackable for easy storage of multiple cases and are available in a range of prices to suit all budgets. Our business is all about moving items efficiently and safely. That includes carrying delicate and valuable equipment and other possessions away from your normal base. With our range of weatherproof cases, wherever you go and whatever hazards you may encounter, you have the peace of mind in knowing that everything will be kept safe and secure.

Buy shock-proof, water-proof cases online from Richmond

Introducing Richmond’s range of Seal Cases – your ultimate choice in dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof protection. Get the best seal, every time.

Here at Richmond, we understand how important it is to protect your valuables. As an Australian owned and family run business, we have over 60 years of experience in the industrial space. Producing products that are tough, reliable, and stand the test of time is what we do best.

Our range of protective cases are no exception. With superior sealing capabilities, you can bring your valuables with you anywhere. Say goodbye to dust, dirt, water and other contaminants with our o-ring seal system. And say hello to rough and uneven terrain, with our impact resistant exterior. These indestructible cases feature high-density pick & pluck foam, allowing you to cushion your goods, no matter their shape.

We know that travelling with cameras and equipment can be a nightmare. Without the right kind of protection, you can end up with thousands of dollars worth of damage. Not with Richmond’s Seal Case. You can be sure your gear is secure and protected, leaving you more time to enjoy adventure. Whether you’re in the dessert, by the ocean, or on a plane, Richmond’s Seal Cases are here to let you do what you do best, without worry.

Our cases are suitable for many applications such as air-travel, military, photography, marine environments, computer storage, government, emergency services, medical, scientific, education, and so much more. They’re incredibly tough and versatile – whatever you need to protect, the Seal Case has got you covered.

What makes the Seal Case better than other protective cases?

  • Impact Resistant exterior
  • Water tight o-ring seal
  • Dust proof
  • Chemical proof
  • Humidity proof
  • Resistant to harsh temperatures
  • High-density pick & pluck foam for superior interior protection
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Collision proof hinges
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Superior, reliable protection for your valuables & equipment

Buy our protective cases online with nationwide shipping now, or visit one of our showrooms across the country.

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