Parts Trays

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  • Parts Tray 300x234x90 (TRR001BLU)

  • 300mm x 234mm x 90mm Parts Trays (TRR001GRY)

    Parts Tray 300x234x90 (TRR001GRY)

  • Parts Tray 400x117x90 (TRR002BLU)

  • 400mm x 117mm x 90mm Parts Trays (TRR002GRY)

    Parts Tray 400x117x90 (TRR002GRY)

  • Parts Tray 400x234x90 (TRR003BLU)

  • 400mm x 234mm x 90mm Parts Trays (TRR003GRY)

    Parts Tray 400x234x90 (TRR003GRY)

  • Parts Trays (TRR004BLU)

  • Parts Trays (TRR004GRY)

  • Parts Tray 600x234x140 (TRR005BLU)

  • 600mm x 234mm x 140mm Parts Trays (TRR005GRY)

    Parts Tray 600x234x140 (TRR005GRY)

  • Plastic Divider to Suit TRR001 and TRR003 parts trays (BNR025GRY)

  • Plastic Divider to Suit TRR002 and TRR004 parts trays (BNR024GRY)

  • Plastic Divider to Suit TRR005 parts trays (BNR026GRY)

Showing all 13 results


At Richmond, we’re proud to stock a selection of plastic storage trays for use in various industries and in different households. These products can be used for a wide range of purposes, although they are principally designed for extra storage so you can make more efficient use of a limited amount of space. Using them, you can store anything that you want in a way that will allow you to easily find it at a later date.


Our plastic storage bins can be used as hardware trays to store different hardware components like computer peripherals and tool parts. Alternatively, you can use them to store and catalogue important documents on your desk or keep various machine parts tidy in your garage. Depending on your requirements, our excellent storage trays have no shortage of uses and applications.


As one of the leading plastic suppliers in the industry, Richmond offers customers numerous options in terms of plastic storage trays, plastic storage bins, plastic compartments and part boxes. We manufacture these plastic containers for storage using high-end polymers, including recycled polypropylene materials. This makes our products last longer, as well as making them more durable and more environmentally friendly than those of our competitors.


Take advantage of these and similar products and place your order today. Our plastic storage trays are affordable and are available in a range of different load capacities ranging from 8kg to as much as 25kg.

Browse our online range of plastic storage bins or get in touch with us today to place an order. Call us on 1300 474 246, send us a message using our online contact form, or complete a product enquiry to receive a prompt reply.