Part Bins & Louvered Panels

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Showing 1–16 of 31 results

Richmond is a proudly owned Australian company, that pride themselves on the research and development of plastic goods and services. We are a leading supplier in the plastic industry, featuring over 3000 products.

Parts Bins & Louvered Panels have been holistically designed to be ultra-durable, light weight and versatile. We believe in providing our customers the highest quality of plastic at a reasonable price.

Tech Bins and Part Bins provides a simple storage solution for all your small and loose parts. Whether that be in your home, workshop or garage. Both products have a range of different sizes and colours available to coordinate your everyday use. In addition, there are the optional dividers available to maximise your storage capacity.

Richmond sells a variety of part bin’s sizes, that are compatible with our louvered panel racking, as seen below:

External DimensionsCapacityMaterialSKU
105mm (W) x 110mm (L) x 50mm (H)3kgPolypropyleneBNR002BLU
105mm (W) x 140mm (L) x 75mm (H)3kgPolypropyleneBNR001BLU
105mm (W) x 190mm (L) x 75mm (H)4kgPolypropyleneBNR003BLU
140mm (W) x 220mm (L) x 125mm (H)8kgPolypropyleneBNR004BLU
140mm (W) x 270mm (L) x 125mm (H)8kgPolypropyleneBNR006BLU
215mm(W) x 280mm (L) x 175mm (H)8kgPolypropyleneBNR007BLU (Stackable)
215mm (W) x 370mm (L) x 175mm (H)15kgPolypropyleneBNR008BLU (Stackable)
420mm (W) x 370mm (L) x 175mm (H)15kgPolypropyleneBNR009BL (Stackable)

Louvered Panel Racking is constructed from the highest quality steel. They are commonly mounted on the wall; however, a mobile racking panel is available. Panel racking allows you the convenience to organise your tools, bearing, nuts & bolts and more.

External Dimensions
305mm (H) x mm (W)
480mm (H) x 915mm (W)
1550mm (H) x 460mm (W)
970mm (L) x 630mm (W) x 1450mm (H)

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