Floor Protection

Our new floor protection range of products are ideal for safeguarding valuable surfaces including wood, stone, carpeted and tiled flooring from marks, scratches and other damage. Internal and external chair tips protect linoleum, tiles and carpet from tubular furniture legs. Bumper pads have a range of applications such as to prevent drawers from slamming closed and to stop the backs of wall decorations from scratching walls. Castor cups are used to prevent furniture castors from damaging carpets or hard surfaces. Gripper pads can be used to provide a nonslip, non-scratch padding for table legs etc. Felt pads can be applied to the feet of furniture to prevent scratching or damaging hard surfaces. Furniture gliders and SuperSliders® allow easy movement of heavy furniture in the home or business. Plastic tips are a long-term solution to keep floors safe, while also extending the life of your furniture.

Explore the range below or contact us for more information about Richmond floor protection products or for a copy of our floor protection catalogue.