Custom Engineered Wheels & Rollers

Custom Engineered Wheels & Rollers

At Richmond Wheel And Castor Co our standard off the shelf product range is just a sample of what we can do for you. Within these product series you will find some of our standard “manufactured to order” product options & additional standard configuration options. Ranging from the smallest and lightest of capacity to some of our highest capacity product options. Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has been manufacturing in our Melbourne facility for now over 60 years, were fully equipped with an extensive range of CNC machining centres, plastics/polyurethane processing machines and general fabrication equipment.

Our engineering team, experienced technical sales people and production operators are here to assist you with your with a product selection from a shelf, manufactured to order or a custom product configuration to exactly suit your application requirements without compromise.

Beam Trolley Wheels
Suited to many different applications including overhead crane/carriages, movable platforms, construction, building applications and movable wagons/manufacturing process systems.

Single Flange Wheels
The original track wheel. Found on all trains and trams the single flange wheel is used in the rail, crane and manufacturing sectors for carrying machinery, equipment and vehicles on rails in a straight line and around large radius corners.

Double Flange Wheels
Double flange wheels are the workhorse of heavy-duty material handling and crane applications. These wheels can be incorporated any application requiring a load bearing wheel capable of resisting a lateral force in both directions whilst moving along a straight length of track. 

Marine Environment Wheel Assemblies
Marine environment wheel assemblies are ideal for heavy duty transport applications that require wheels that can operate while fully submerged in fresh or salt water. This style of wheel often referred to as a slip way wheel.

Polyurethane Tyred Steel Centred Wheels
Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has been manufacturing polyurethane tyred wheels for over 40 years. Polyurethane is the most versatile polymer family for producing for industrial wheel tyres.

Solid Steel Wheels
 Solid steel wheels offer the highest wheel load capacity for a given wheel size. Extreme durability for heavy duty wheel application such as supporting the rotation of process and manufacturing equipment, trolley wheels traveling on reinforced concrete or steel surfaces.

Cam Followers
Richmond’s innovative range of cam follower wheels are a solution to moving applications requiring single bolt/stub axle wheel mounting. This wheel series is found in heavy duty moving machinery, manufacturing/process production lines, crane applications, building construction applications and heavy-duty warehouse shelving systems. 


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