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Fully enclosed double flanged castor kits

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contracted to manufacture a set of fully enclosed double flanged castor kits for a series of hangar doors in regional Western Australia. As part of the quoting process, the Engineering team considered and improved the design and assembly to reduce cost and improve ease of maintenance.

Key features of the design are:

  • 4140 steel wheel for high load capacity
  • Precision sealed ball bearings for long term use with minimal servicing
  • Cam followers used as guide rollers to align the rollers to the track
  • Polyurethane buffer pads to reduce impact damage to wheels and structure
  • Overhead guide roller plates to cater for wide loads.

Hangar doors have unique safety and function requirements, the wheels must be able to carry the load of the door as well as significant forces due to wind. The Richmond Engineering team are able to help with the safety factor calculations to ensure that the correct wheels are specified.

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Galvanised Pipe Roller

Richmond Wheel And Castor Co were contacted to help design and supply a pipe roller solution for the launching of a steel pipe under the Swan St Bridge in Victoria. The scope called for the rollers to be used for the installation of pipe as well as the permanent lifetime support. In order to meet the strict criteria, several consultations and design iterations were required. Key features are:

-500kg wet load capacity

-C groove profile to guide the pipe as it is launched

-Two side rollers spaced to ensure the pipe does not escape the roller

-Heavy duty polymer rollers to support the load and prevent any damage to the pipe

-Bronze bushes as the bearing surface to give low rolling resistance and long lifetime

-Easy rolling to allow for thermal expansion in the pipes

-Fully galvanised frame for long term corrosion resistance

-50 year design life

-Low maintenance solution for easy use and service

Contact our Engineering department to speak about your project now by calling 1300 474 246, or email [email protected].

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Height Adjustable Levelling Castor

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contacted to help design a simple and cost effective height adjustable castor for an industrial application.

The castors are used to raise a lightweight aluminium platform off the ground, and allow linear travel along a concrete abutment. Once in the new position, the castors are lowered back to the ground to allow the platform to be used.

The key requirements were to have a low-profile mounting position, and to be very simple to raise and lower. Richmond fabricated a completely custom frame and mounting kit, with a coarse-threaded stem to allow for quick height adjustment using a rattle gun.

Our design team worked closely with the customer to ensure that the finished part was easy to mount and operate, and made to meet the required installation date. Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to process large and small orders quickly and reliably to meet every client’s needs.

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Nigerian Pipe Launch Project

In late 2016, Richmond Wheel & CastorCo were contacted by a German specialty engineering company to provide 150 large scale pipe rollers for a large pipe launch project in Nigeria. The project was to launch an oil/gas pipeline from on-shore to an off-shore docking platform as part of a major infrastructure upgrade. One of the biggest challenges to overcome was the terrain, as the pipeline needed to traverse jungle, sand, mud and cross rivers. Richmond were contacted because of our excellent record in supply of high quality, reliable and heavy duty pipe handling products, and because of our high degree of flexibility in what we can offer.

The rollers were designed for a pipe range of 50mm (2”) to 1066mm (42”), with a maximum capacity of 30,000kg per roller unit. The wide range of pipe sizes was catered for by incorporating a method to adjust the roller position. The specification also called for a highly versatile design with capabilities to stack neatly and easily while not in operation, and to be easily moved with a standard forklift. The frame was made from steel and galvanised to withstand the rugged marine conditions, and the load capacity was verified using computer modelling techniques. The rollers were a very high quality Polyurethane, giving massive strength and durability while also ensuring that the pipe itself is not damaged during the installation.

As one of our largest engineering projects to date, the success of the rollers demonstrates our ability to provide a complete turnkey solution from start to finish, including all design, material selection, verification, testing and construction. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to handle new projects and improve our efficiency to solve difficult and complex materials handling problems.

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Trenchless Pipeline Rollers (055-1750PU-TPR)

Part Number: 055-175PU-TPR

This simple and efficient design allows for large carrying capacity and safety at the lowest possible cost. Made for large scale pipe launching projects, this design is customisable to suit your exact pipe material, size and load. It utilises the most economical products to ensure that your project is met on time and on budget.

Features include:

-Steel section construction for high rigidity. Can be supplied as steel finish, zinc plated, galvanised or powdercoated, to your requirements.

-Polyurethane rollers for best rolling performance,  reducing rolling resistance and will not damage your pipe.

-Precision Sealed Bearings for best performance under harsh conditions.

-Load capacity to carry any size pipe, whether you need 1,000kg or 30,000kg or anything in between.

-Simple design for a fixed pipe size

-Designed and built in our Clayton Assembly Plant, we are flexible and will meet your deadlines!


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Custom Turning Roller Products

As well as being wheel making experts, Richmond Engineering specialises in complete design and supply of tractional gear motor drive systems. From small solutions to super heavy duty drive systems, we can custom build a tractional rotational system to suit your requirements.

From temporary systems for pipe joining to permanent 24hr rotational drive systems, we can connect the dots ensuring your application has the correct wheels, bearings, gear motor and electrical circuit to suit your requirements. From recycling machinery, heavy pipe cutting and welding machines, to rotary barrel processing equipment, if you need a tractional drive solution we can help.

Below is an example of a custom tractional drive system completed in January 2016. 2x 250ton tractional drive capacity, 75ton load capacity, driven kits were supplied with 2 x idler roller assemblies for the welding together of 5.5m diameter pipes for a large recycling plant. Each drive kit featured direct drive through variable speed drive gear motors operated through a touch screen on the electrical cabinet. Start stop & estop functions supplied on 50m long hand held lead with conduit protection for rotation control by welders operating inside the large pipe.

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Evaporation Pond Covers Drive and Support System

The project scope included design and supply of a traction drive system to drive a 30 ton fabric structure forwards and backwards on a track to cover or expose an evaporation pond based on seasonal rain conditions.

The scope also included design and supply of heavy duty double flange wheels for load carrying support of the structure, supply of the complete electrical system to run power to drives through energy chain cable management system; and also supply power to normal and emergency lighting for the illumination of the moving structure.

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Traction Drive Systems

Complete design and supply of load bearing and critical structural beam fabrication for a 50ton, 40m long construction platform used for road widening works in Melbourne Australia.

Works included complete design and build of 2 x 10 ton capacity 55 ton tractional drive capacity (up 1.5 deg incline) girder trolleys. All work including precision module 10 CNC gear cutting, electrical, and design of 38 gears 16 wheel traction drive system done in house.

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AS Clear Pipe Transfer Conveyor System

Complete linear pipeline conveyor system for efficient transfer of 100mm up to 1000mm pipes from sandblasting to painting facilities.

This project eliminated all crane handling of pipes between facilities and increased productivity. 6 x idler roller and 6 x gear motor driven assemblies were used to facilitate pipe transfer. Services included complete design, integration into workshop space, all manufacturing works and electrical install of system. A simple efficient roll-on solution to load sand blasted pipes.

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Camden Signs Bellerive Oval Sight Screen

Complete plug and play traction drive and support solution for 2 x removable cricket ground sight screen system in Hobart Australia with electronic display screens.

All support and traction drive system designed and built by Richmond Engineering in-house (shown in green) with fabrication (shown in yellow) completed separately. Services included design collaboration and integration of support system with existing track design, complete build and install.

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