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Custom Support Rotating Rollers

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contacted to help in the design and supply of support wheels to be used in the repair and restoration of a 32-ton high efficiency power turbine generator shaft in Western Australia.

The project scope included design and supply of four fixed mounted solid aluminium billet wheels 248mm diameter x 150mm wide. These Solid aluminium billet wheels were used to support the turbine shaft during the resurfacing process of the bearing journals.

Features include:

  • 8-ton solid aluminium billet wheel load rating
  • Solid aluminium billet wheel dimensions 248mm diameter x 150mm wide
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Low maintenance solution for easy use and service
  • Locally designed and manufactured in Melbourne by our in-house engineering team

Previously to rotate the power turbine an overhead crane was required. However, after installing Richmond’s solid aluminium billet wheels the power turbine was able to be rotated manually by hand. Our design team worked closely with the customer to ensure the finished part was easy to install and made to meet the required installation date. Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to process large and small orders quickly and reliably to meet every client needs.

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