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Galvanised Pipe Roller

Richmond Wheel And Castor Co were contacted to help design and supply a pipe roller solution for the launching of a steel pipe under the Swan St Bridge in Victoria. The scope called for the rollers to be used for the installation of pipe as well as the permanent lifetime support. In order to meet the strict criteria, several consultations and design iterations were required. Key features are:

-500kg wet load capacity

-C groove profile to guide the pipe as it is launched

-Two side rollers spaced to ensure the pipe does not escape the roller

-Heavy duty polymer rollers to support the load and prevent any damage to the pipe

-Bronze bushes as the bearing surface to give low rolling resistance and long lifetime

-Easy rolling to allow for thermal expansion in the pipes

-Fully galvanised frame for long term corrosion resistance

-50 year design life

-Low maintenance solution for easy use and service

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