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Height Adjustable Levelling Castor

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co were contacted to help design a simple and cost effective height adjustable castor for an industrial application.

The castors are used to raise a lightweight aluminium platform off the ground, and allow linear travel along a concrete abutment. Once in the new position, the castors are lowered back to the ground to allow the platform to be used.

The key requirements were to have a low-profile mounting position, and to be very simple to raise and lower. Richmond fabricated a completely custom frame and mounting kit, with a coarse-threaded stem to allow for quick height adjustment using a rattle gun.

Our design team worked closely with the customer to ensure that the finished part was easy to mount and operate, and made to meet the required installation date. Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to process large and small orders quickly and reliably to meet every client’s needs.