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Trenchless Pipeline Rollers (055-1750PU-TPR)

Part Number: 055-175PU-TPR

This simple and efficient design allows for large carrying capacity and safety at the lowest possible cost. Made for large scale pipe launching projects, this design is customisable to suit your exact pipe material, size and load. It utilises the most economical products to ensure that your project is met on time and on budget.

Features include:

-Steel section construction for high rigidity. Can be supplied as steel finish, zinc plated, galvanised or powdercoated, to your requirements.

-Polyurethane rollers for best rolling performance,  reducing rolling resistance and will not damage your pipe.

-Precision Sealed Bearings for best performance under harsh conditions.

-Load capacity to carry any size pipe, whether you need 1,000kg or 30,000kg or anything in between.

-Simple design for a fixed pipe size

-Designed and built in our Clayton Assembly Plant, we are flexible and will meet your deadlines!