Welcome to the Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. WheelMakers Gallery. Please browse through our selection of recent projects.

Our annual conference is followed by the big annual golf day. The week brings staff and customers together from all over. It is always a good occasion to show everybody some great kit that Richmond is building.
Richmond does much more than make the wheel.
The new cricket sight screen at Tasmania's Bellerive Oval. The team at Richmond custom designed the support wheels and the drive wheel system including all electrical motors, programmable controllers and limit switches, before embarking on in-house manufacture.
The entire track and screen system is bolted to concrete foundations that have been cast deep into the oval.
From little things big things grow. The bogies that carry the pipe are adjustable, so that a wide range of pipe diameters can be rolled out on the bogie. Go to www.richmondpiperollers.com.au to see our standard range.
Carbon steel axles being shrunk in a bath of nitrogen.
Nitrogen shrunk carbon steel axles being fitted to double flange wheels.
The 2nd generation at Richmond sitting alongside the 3rd generation who led the team building this kit. The bogie is a 160 tonne unit for a tunnel boring machine.
400mm diameter solid polyurethane wheels in rigid frames. These were designed to live underwater holding up a sluice gate in a tailings dam.
Jet engine maintenance trolley with Richmond twin wheel spring loaded castors. Those were developed by Richmond for FA18, the fighter jet ground supported program.
10 tonnne capacity curved surface pipe rollers fresh from Richmond's mould shop.
400mm diameter polyurethane wheels carry massive pipes heading out into the ocean.
High speed polyurethane wheels, with a low heat build up polymer used in envelope sorting equipment.
Special EHP (extra high performance) series castors with brake, 4 way directional lock and sockets for steering castor. A total of 80 of these castors were supplied to Aircraft Support Industries (NSW) for maintenance scaffolding for Singapore airlines' new A380 airbus planes. The castors were airfreighted to Singapore.
EHP castors before being freighted to Singapore.
Customised rollers specifically designed for NuStar Technologies for guide roller structure on a major drill ship operation. Each of the three 508mm rollers required the company to process over 450kg of polyurethane in one single casting, creating a new company record.

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