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Recyclable Crates


Mat :  Polypropylene (Recycled)

EXT :  650 x 410 x 395

INT :  -

WT :  -

CAP :  68L


Mat :  HDPE/Polypropylene

EXT :  650 x 410 x 210 mm

INT :  490 x 310 x 200mm

WT :  1.7kg

CAP :  32L


Mat :  HDPE(Recycled)

EXT :  650 x 410 x 275 mm

INT :  485 x 320 x 270mm

WT :  2.1kg

CAP :  52L

There is an increasing demand of eco-friendly products both on commercial as domestic fronts. This is the reason why we at Richmond offer a wide range of waste and recycling bins and crates. These are made from high grade polypropylene, which is a recycled material and great for storing of various sorts of items in an organized and efficient manner. For instance, we manufacture nally bins, bulk bins and plastic recycled bins for our customers so that they can effortlessly sort various goods at warehouses or in their households. These can have capacities of up to 68 liters, which help our customers to store numerous items at one go. Get recycled plastic bins in a variety of shapes and sizes from our doorstep. Alternatively, you can also choose our recycling crates, which you can opt for in the place of the bins.

Approach us with your queries and we will help you buy the recycled bins and crates that fit your budget constraints.

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