Waste Bin Castors

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Richmond is a leading manufacturer and supplier of castors and industrial products, which include but are not limited to spring loaded gate castor, heavy duty castor wheels, castor container and bin wheel. We have been in this industry for the past fifty years and have proven expertise in providing castors and other products that are sturdy, offer resistance to wear and tear and hence, have longer shelf lives. This makes us a popular name across various industries, warehouses, factories, plants and even small commercial or residential setups. Talking about bin wheel in particular, we are proficient in providing casters for wheelie bins for greater mobility and handling of waste materials. We offer an extensive range of these wheels such as those with swivel brakes and locks for our customers and that too are at an affordable price.

If you too require such castors at your workplace or household, simply browse through our web pages and select the ones that meet your requirements and budget constraints.