Heavy Duty Welded Series Castors

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Richmond is a leading manufacturer of castors and industrial wheels. As a part of its huge range of products, it provides heavy duty welded series wheels and castors. Unlike other casters, this particular series of castors have excellent wear resistance along with great load bearing capacity. With features like V-groove wheel, it is available in both swivel and fixed variants. At Richmond, we are capable of designing and crafting the finest casters in this series for your application for any particular industry, factory, business or setting. Apart from providing great functionality our casters also have a sharp finish; created from the best raw materials, these can be used for all sorts of heavy duty application both indoors and outdoors.

To know more about heavy duty welded series castors or any other casters, you can visit our web pages. We offer a wide range of products at an affordable price from which you can choose from.