Forged Head Series Castors

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Iron castors as the name indicates, are made from cast iron. Owing to the fact that these are strong, sturdy and long-lasting, they are a favorite choice of various warehouses across all industry types. For instance, these can be used to carry heavy machineries, industrial accessories, raw materials and much more both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, these can withstand extreme temperatures and work in all environment conditions, which is an added advantage of such castors. Richmond has a wealth of experience and knowledge in manufacturing an extensive range of materials handling equipment. Lifters, storage options, trolleys, wheels, casters, conveyors and more, we provide all sorts of high quality yet affordable warehousing equipment that meet your requirements aptly. In all these categories and much more, we provide numerous choices to help with making your suitable selection.

Our friendly and helpful team will help to assist you in finding the correct suitable heavy duty castor for your workplace that won’t blow your budget.