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Polyurethane Liner

Product Description

The 600PULINER is an application example for Richmond’s nonconductive polyurethanes. Our polymers can be used as protective & nonconductive liners in many different ways. In this case the polymer has been applied to a flexible steel sheet with bendable tabs for fitting to steelwork.  Typical application for nonconductive polymer linings is in the static support of steel pipelines. The soft, flexible and slippery polymer protects the pipe from damage, without restricting thermal contraction/expansion. Because the polymer is also completely non-conductive a lining prevents unwanted earthing of a steel pipeline. 

Richmond can manufacture Nonconductive liners to suit pipe diameter from 50mm diameter up to 2000mm diameter. The technique is extremely flexible and can be used in many other industrial applications such as industrial/mining machinery, protective pads/buffers, general nonconductive isolation.  

The polymers can be manufactured in any thickness or shape, in hardness ranging from 40A (racket ball) to 80D (hard hat) and in a variety of colours.