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Polyurethane Custom Mouldings


Polyurethane Custom Mouldings

Polyurethane is a polymer used to manufacture industrial accessories such as wheels and castors for trolleys or tow tugs. It is so strong and sturdy, it even constitutes certain components of electronic items. Richmond has been producing high-quality polyurethane foam mouldings for a wide range of industries since 1981. Our capabilities also include:

  • - Polycaprolactone moulding
  • - Polyether moulding
  • - TDI moulding
  • - MDI moulding
  • - PPDI in polyester moulding

Our mouldings boast impressive hardness, wear resistance and load-bearing capacity to meet your needs in heavy-duty applications.

Pipe Rollers

Available in steel, nylon and polyurethane foam – and in capacities of up to 3,200 kilograms – our pipe rollers can be custom-made to suit specific capacities, environmental conditions, mounting types and pipe sizes. Applications include everything from underground cabling through to agricultural, gas and mining pipelines.

Basic steel pipe rollers – Can be used to support pipes and reduce the stress caused by their expansion and contraction.

Polyurethane pipe rollers – The high-quality polyurethane foam we use helps reduce surface damage to the pipes' protective coating.

Polyurethane Solid Round Bar

Our PU solid round bar offers versatility, longevity and superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion. It is ideal for use in rollers, bushes, automotive components and handling products.

  • - Hardness range: 60A – 75D
  • - Standard length: 1,000mm
  • - Diameters: 12 – 100mm

Polyurethane Liner

Our 600PULINER is an example of our nonconductive polyurethanes. It consists of a soft, flexible polymer which has been applied to a flexible steel sheet with bendable tabs. This liner can be fitted to protect steel pipe from damage without preventing its thermal contraction or expansion. Because the polymer is nonconductive, it can also prevent the earthing of steel pipeline. We are able to manufacture nonconductive liners for pipes measuring 50mm to 200mm in diameter.

For more information on our PU, polycaprolactone and polyether products, please contact our team today via phone, email or online enquiry form.