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Pie & Pastry Utilities

PIE TRAY 100470 RED.gif

Mat :  Polypropylene

EXT :  660 x 580 x 124mm

INT :  630 x 550 x 107mm

WT :  1.2kg

CAP :  34L


Mat :  Polypropylene

EXT :  690 x 595 x 150mm

INT :  460 x 570 x 120mm

WT :  1.8

CAP :  -

Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of food crates and trays that are made especially for bakery items. However, not all of them are as affordable as the ones made up of plastic. For instance, you can get plastic bakery trays, plastic bread trays or plastic bakery crates, which are used on a large scale in bakery and pastry industry, hotels and even in many households. Richmond offers a wide range of baking goodies that include but are not limited to pie trays, pastry boxes, bakery crates and storage tray. These are a part of its numerous plastic goods, which it has been manufacturing and supplying since many years. Since all our plastic based products are made for storing food, they are of superior quality food–grade plastic, and you can be assured that you will get only the best products on the market to meet your needs.


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