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Milk & Bottle Crates

Richmond is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic crates in Australia. It offers a large variety in plastic storage options including milk crates. We are experts in creating these square or rectangular interlocking crate boxes, which are great for transporting milk and other dairy products from dairies to retailers. Also known as ‘Bottle Crates’, we manufacture these using high quality materials. Additionally, we provide smooth interior surfaces and durable handles for better handling. In the past, these plastic storage boxes were made from wood or metals such as stainless steel. But today, you will find only plastic milk crates being used in dairies all around the globe. This is because they are lightweight and are easy to clean and maintain. Talking about storage, our crates are stackable as well, meaning you can easily minimise storage space.

Order crates for milk and other dairy products from Richmond today. For other such useful products browse through our website.


Mat :  Polypropylene

EXT :  346 x 346 x 316mm

INT :  310 x 310 x 295mm

WT :  1.3kg

CAP :  27L

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