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Drum & Tub Dollies

Richmond proudly supplies a huge range of materials-handling equipment to our customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, as well as in Auckland, New Zealand. This range includes drum trolleys, scissor lifts, lift tables, tow tugs, order pickers, stack crates, crate dollies, and more.

After 50 years in the materials handling product industry, we have the insight and experience to deliver quality products that perform in a wide variety of heavy-duty applications. Whether you need solutions for a home workspace in Melbourne or a large-scale industrial facility in Sydney, we can offer you advice on the right products for your specific needs.

What is A Drum Dolly?

The 55 gallon drum is one of the most convenient options when it comes to materials handling, storage and disposal at industrial worksites. Because of this, these drums have become a ubiquitous sight at facilities such as warehouses, factories, workshops, garages and despatch departments.

But a 55 gallon drum can also be bulky, heavy, and difficult to handle – particularly when full – which poses a number of safety risks for workers. These can range from back injury to exposure to dangerous chemicals as a result of a spill. Other risks include muscle strains, hernias, poisoning, skin irritation, chemical burns, and even diseases caused by long-term exposure.

That’s where the drum dolly comes in. As the name suggests, this is used for the safe transportation and storage of drums and tubs around a work space. It is essentially a simple stand with wheels and features a sturdy construction, plated finish, and independent castors. These robust rotating castors work to ensure easy manoeuvrability around the work site, while the wide base offers strength and stability for heavy loads.

A well-designed dolly will allow you to move drums easily, efficiently and safely – including into tight spaces – while reducing the risk of tipping or spilling the drum’s contents. It will also help in ensuring efficiency, boosting productivity at your workplace while reducing worker fatigue and minimising the downtime associated with injury.

Our Range

At Richmond, we can supply you with dollies that are constructed from high-quality materials. This makes them extra durable, allowing you to load, move and unload heavyweight drums and tubs with ease, including loads of up to 200kg (for tub dollies) and up to 400kg (for drum dollies). They are useful as a material handling trolley and can even be used with a drum forklift attachment where required.

If you need mobility for your 200 litre drums, the DDR001 drum dolly is a perfect choice. Equipped with four robust 75mm zinc plated castors with polypropylene wheels, it provides a safe, efficient and economical method of moving drums around your garage, factory or other workspace.

Use our drum cradle for easy moving and dispensing drums without any hassle. Alternatively, you can view other related products offered through our website, including drum rotators, drum lifters and drum handlers. And of course, feel free drop into one of our stores to see our range in person. We have showrooms located in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane. We are also located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Stock Pickers

Our stock pickers are perfect for transporting goods and have been specially designed for optimal performance and manoeuvrability when it comes to placing loads and filling orders. Robust and rigid plastic construction ensures durability for both the 2 and 3 tier product configurations. Built-in storage trays in the handle and rounded edges to minimise damage are also standard features of these exceptional products.

Order Pickers

Also available is our smaller order picker. Offering improved picking and packing efficiency, the OPR002 order picker comes complete with 100mm quiet running rubber swivel castors and is suitable for use in a variety of workplaces, from libraries through to home offices.


Contact Richmond Today

For more information on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team via phone, email or online enquiry form. With so much industry experience behind us, we can offer you expert advice when it comes to your materials handling needs. Otherwise, you can visit your nearest store in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin or Brisbane.