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Lug Boxes


Mat :  Polypropylene

EXT :  615 x 425 x 25mm

INT :  -

WT :  720g

CAP :  -


Mat :  HDPE

EXT :  610 x 425 x 320mm

INT :  565 x 380 x 312mm

WT :  2.5kg

CAP :  66L

Lug Boxes are food storage containers which are food grade approved and stackable. Richmond also manufacture lids to be used with our lug boxes for extra freshness (available separately) so that they may be used as meat crates, seafood crates, pet travel crates, poultry crates, or simply as fresh produce crates.

Richmond provides a large range of stackable lug boxes to suit your budget in varied dimensions and colours, manufactured from only the best and most durable materials.

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