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100mm Clear Polyurethane Wheel

Wheel Diameter100mm (4")

Frame TypeSwivel with Brake

Wheel Width25mm

Wheel TypeClear Polyurethane

Wheel CodeNA

Bearing TypePlain Bearing

Load Capacity(kg)95


Swivel Radius80

Swivel Radius with brake85


The S4242B by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. is a swivel frame castor and uses a clear polyurethane wheel. This swivel castor is one of our styler plate range and can safely take loads up to 95kg. The S4242B wheel is fitted with plain bearings and is mounted with the baseplate. The swivel frame allows for full 360° swivel rotation.

The clear polyurethane wheel diameter is 100mm, the wheel width is 25mm and can be ordered separately (N/A). To order this castor without a brake, search for S4242.