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Furniture Dollie

Wheel Diameter32

Part NumberTRICASTOR30

Wheel TypePP

Bearing TypePlain

Load Capacity(kg)100


Swivel Radius135


3 Wheel Small Furniture Dollie

Household furniture, much like whitegoods and other appliances, can be quite heavy and cumbersome to move from one location to another. Everything from beds and chests of drawers through to sofa lounges and more can be transported safely and conveniently with furniture sliders from Richmond. Also known as a furniture mover, moving dolly or furniture dollie, furniture sliders make light work of heavy lifting. They are placed underneath a piece of furniture so it can be easily wheeled out and moved to its new location. Check out our range to find out how we can help you.

This furniture dollie is a 3 wheel castor that is used to transport oversized or heavy furniture items with increased support and a significantly reduced risk of injury to you and others. The wheels of the tri-castor swivel multi-directionally, so you're not limited to moving in one back or forth direction. They have a diameter of 32mm, can and have a conbimned weight capacity of up to 100 kgs.