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Jockey Wheels


Richmond proudly designs and manufactures a range of retractable and adjustable shaft wheels that are suitable for boat trailers, campers and caravans. Jockey wheels are also suitable for use with other trailers transporting everything from leisure goods to livestock.

Our adjustable thread trailer wheels give you easy mobility in all directions, whether attached to a towing vehicle or being used to manoeuvre a static trailer. And because they have been designed and manufactured by Richmond, you know you can count on them for strength, durability and high performance in a range of road conditions. Their flexibility and ease-of-use also mean they work equally seamlessly as boat trailer jockey wheels, caravan wheels or camper wheels.

Product Information

Our adjustable shaft jockeys are available for 150mm and 200mm diameter elastic rubber wheels with an impressive load capacity of up to 350kg per wheel. All are manufactured with a heavy-duty 5/8" adjustable thread shaft and securely fastened with a clamp fitting.

The use of superior rebound elastic rubber wheels ensures excellent manoeuvrability and rolling compared to similar products that use traditional black rubber wheels. The clamp-mounting option enables easy removal, while the swing-mounting option allows for easy operation – just pull the handle to have the unit swing up and lock into place against the draw bar.

Check Out Our Range Today

Browse our range of boat trailer, camper and caravan jockey wheels online today, or feel free to contact us for more information on any of our products. You can also come visit us in-store across our locations in Australia. These stores carry a full range of castors and wheels, including adjustable shaft camper wheels and boat trailer wheels. They also stock other materials-handling equipment including hand trucks, stackers, forklift cage trolleys, conveyors, table lifters, plastics, and more.